Bid Management.

Cube Root Corporation provides services in Bid Management to private developers, local municipalities, and school systems that are seeking construction services from potential contractors and consultants. As a Bid Manager, we function as the owner representative and take responsibility for the proposal of bids to existing or prospective clients for various construction projects. We ensure that the bid process proceeds smoothly by managing all factors that may impact the financial aspects or the timeline of the bidding process. We also manage the relationship with the potential client (bidders) and facilitate communication among all stakeholders.

Construction inspection

Construction Inspection.

Cube Root Corporation provides services in Construction Inspection as an extension of our Construction Management services. Our inspectors conduct contract compliance and implementation reviews in accordance with the contract documents and conduct daily site inspections and maintain a daily journal of construction activities and decisions. We attend requested project meetings and assist in all project inspections and commissioning activities, and document each accordingly. Our inspectors are trained to interpret the contractual requirements identified in the construction drawings and specifications. We then review the contractor’s corresponding work to include shop drawings and submittals, schedule compliance, applications for payment, and cost proposals for additional work. As part of our project control, our inspectors provide daily written and photographic reports to management and the owner documenting progress and completion of each project task.


Budgeting and Planning.

Cube Root Corporation provides services in Budgeting and Planning to clients that need a spending plan to satisfy the requirements of a funding source. After we determine the cost of a project during Construction Estimating, we work closely with our client to match the project cost to the client’s funding sources and help prioritize the client’s spending according to an overall spending program. A spending program is always unique to a particular client, therefore Cube Root project managers remain adaptable and open minded to whatever challenges may arise. Sometimes these functions are provided as part of our overall Program Management services or as part of our Construction Administration services.


Project Cost Management.

Cube Root Corporation provides services in Project Cost Management to clients who are looking for a desired spending outcome. Oftentimes when a project operates on a tight budget and limited funding, Cube Root’s managers are helpful in managing the factors that can cause the cost of a project to increase. We hold each team player, project participant, contractor, and consultant accountable by measuring and managing each team member’s effort and output, collect cost data, track work progress, and compare data to corresponding allowances. We then take the necessary management actions that will enable the client to realize its desired outcome.


Schedule and Resource Management.

Cube Root Corporation provides services in Scheduling and Resource Management to clients who often work with limited resources under tight time constraints. Clients typically employ our services to prepare Critical Path Method (CPM) resource-loaded schedules for engineering, planning and construction projects. For any of the aforementioned project types, resources that require management are personnel and equipment. We assign crews to each task and generate cost data for the operation of each crew and each task. We compare crew performance to corresponding allowances, typically past performance on similar project tasks or planned expectations, and make the necessary management decisions in order to realize the client’s desired outcome. We constantly track the performance and progress of the work and update the schedule to reflect the most current information as it relates to project duration and expended resources.

Construction inspection

Earned Value Management.

Cube Root Corporation provides services in Earned Value Management to clients as an extension to our services in Scheduling and Resource Management. We work closely with our clients to define each activity in the project plan, typically utilizing work breakdown structure format (WBS). We assign planned values to each activity (dollar amount or weighted points), and then we define earned value by tracking the project progress and performance in graphical format of time versus spending. Subsequently, we are able to provide our client with an Earned Value analysis of the project performance. The client is then able to make the necessary management decisions that will realize the desired project performance. We typically provide this type of analysis on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the client’s needs.


Exposure and Probability Analysis/Management.

Cube Root Corporation provides services to clients in Exposure and Probability Analysis / Management when the risks involved in undertaking a certain project are high. Cube Root managers are able to study the issues associated with each project task, quantitatively assess the magnitude of the potential loss associated with the risk, and calculate the probability as to whether the loss will occur. Our managers rely on a comprehensive understanding of the project, historical data from studying projects of a similar nature, and using traditional statistical techniques to arrive at probability measures. Thus we are able to advise the client on measures that can mitigate the potential loss.


Quality Assurance/Quality Control Engineering Review.

Cube Root Corporation provides services in QA/QC Engineering Review and Management to clients to ensure the integrity of the final product, usually a constructable sets of plans. We work closely with clients to determine a set of specific quality expectations and help our client formulate a quality control plan that ensures the desired quality of the project deliverables. We periodically check the deliverables to ensure that they are according to expectation. We conduct audits of the prepared plans to guard against errors and omission of relevant and pertinent information.


Traffic Impact Studies.

Cube Root Corporation provides services in preparing Traffic Impact Studies and Traffic Impact Statement as part of an environment impact study, master plan development, or as a requirement associated with the receipt of relevant permits for a site plan. As part of our Traffic Impact Studies, our engineers identify existing traffic volumes and conditions on candidate roadway segments and intersections, determine development traffic volumes and conditions, and determine the combined impact on existing and future roadway systems.


Feasibility Studies.

Cube Root Corporation provides services to clients in the preparation of Feasibility Studies, which are aimed at objectively identifying the pros and cons of a proposed project, typically a proposed site for land development. For a typical land development project, we conduct a full background study of the proposed site in order to determine the availability, accessibility and condition of utilities such as water, sewer, gas, and electric. We also study soil type, runoff/drainage characteristics, vegetation, potential environmental constraints, and any obvious permitting issues. Cube Root then synthesizes all relevant information to calculate the total development cost, which helps determine whether the site offers sufficient worth to the developer/client.


Data Collection.

Cube Root Corporation provides an array of data collection services. For transportation and traffic studies, we conduct data collection such as pedestrian, bicycle, traffic counts (volume, class and turning movements), and accident data collection. For planning studies, we complement traffic and transportation data with demographic data to facilitate trip studies, among others. Cube Root is also capable of collecting environmental and water sample data. We have experience conducting air sampling, water sampling and point source studies. Whatever your data collection needs may be, Cube Root Corporation can meet them competently and efficiently. Please contact us with your inquiry.